902) svastikrit: One who robs all auspiciousness 652) kaamapaalah: The fulfiller of desires 405) vaikunthah: Lord of supreme abode, Vaikuntha Indians being religious by nature, often go for names of Hindu Gods and Goddesses to name their child. Unblemished and virtuous, One who has not commited any sin. 929) santah: One who is expressed through saintly men 381) vikartaa: Creator of the endless varieties that make up the universe 475) dharmagub: One who protects dharma 857) dhanurdharah: The wielder of the bow 175) mahaa-shaktih: All-powerful 513) jeevah: One who functions as the ksetrajna 998) rathaanga-paanih: One who has the wheel of a chariot as His weapon; One with the strings of the chariot in his hands; 147) vijayah: Victorious 742) vishama: Unequalled 991) kshiteeshah: The Lord of the earth 787) mahaakarmaa: One who accomplishes great acts 837) krishah: Delicate, lean 556) pushkaraakshah: Lotus eyed 714) driptah: One who is drunk with Infinite bliss 396) virajo: Passionless 150) punarvasuh: He who lives repeatedly in different bodies 414) vaayuh: The air 856) vaayuvaahanah: The mover of the winds 928) rakshanah: Protector of the universe 467) vyaapee: All-pervading 760) pragrahah: Receiver of worship 63) mangalam param: The Supreme auspiciousness 658) veerah: The courageous 524) jitaamitrah: One who has conquered all enemies 959) pramaanam: He whose form is the Vedas 686) poorayitaa: The fulfiller 474) dhaneshvarah: The Lord of wealth 591) gohitah: One who does welfare for cows 911) shabdaatigah: One who transcends all words 898) kapilah: The great sage Kapila 331) vaayuvaahanah: Controller of winds 516) amitavikramah: Of immeasurable prowess Naming your little one something inspired by Lord Vishnu would be a wonderful idea if you are aware of how powerful Lord Vishnu is. 938) vidishah: One who is unique in His giving A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Baby NameAmazing Lord Krishna Names for Baby BoyLord Shiva Baby Boy NamesNames of Hindu Lord Ganesha for Your Baby BoyMost Popular Names of Lord Hanuman for Baby Boys, 150 Unique Baby Boy Names Inspired by Lord Vishnu. 578) bheshajam: Medicine 624) udeernah: The great transcendent 825) chaanooraandhra-nishoodanah: The slayer of Canura 675) mahaakratuh: The great sacrifice All rights reserved. Naming a baby after a divine entity is a common thing in India. 100) achyutah: Infallible 547) vedhaah: Creator of the universe 356) sharabhah: One who dwells and shines forth through the bodies 582) shaantah: Peaceful within 409) pranavah: He who is praised by the gods 470) vatsarah: The abode 453) sarvajno: Omniscient 961) praanibhrit: He who rules over all pranas 908) chakree: Holder of the chakra 840) nirgunah: Without any properties 692) vasuretaah: He whose essence is golden 80) anuttamah: Incomparably great 83) kritih: He who rewards all our actions Maimon = Good fortune. 570) dravinapradah: One who lavishly gives wealth 306) sahasrajit: He who vanquishes thousands 361) lakshmeevaan: The consort of Laksmi 622) sat-keertih: One of pure fame 86) sharanam: The refuge 957) pranavah: Omkara 314) krodhahaa: He who destroys anger 575) saamagah: The singer of the sama songs 561) vanamaalee: One who wears a garland of forest flowers 958) panah: The supreme universal manager 965) ekaatmaa: The one self 983) annam: One who is food The liberated; one who has attained moksha. 612) shreyah: Liberation Mahipal = Ruler of the earth. 285) shashabindhuh: The moon who has a rabbit-like spot 102) ameyaatmaa: He who manifests in infinite varieties 699) sadgatih: The goal of good people 549) ajitah: Vanquished by none 191) hamsah: The swan 300) yugaadi-krit: The creator of the yugas 839) gunabhrit: One who supports Kareena and Saif Welcome the Newest Addition to Their Family! In the tenth part of the Padma Purana (4-15th century CE), Danta (Son of Bhīma and King of Vidarbha) lists 108 names of Vishnu (17.98–102). 810) parjanyah: He who is similar to rain-bearing clouds 557) mahaamanaah: Great-minded 694) vasupradah: The giver of salvation, the greatest wealth 1) vishwam: Who is the universe himself 420) parigrahah: The receiver 193) bhujagottamah: The serpent Ananta 90) ahah: He who is the nature of time 292) paavanah: He who gives life-sustaining power to air 265) subhujah: He who has graceful arms 737) suvarna-varnah: Golden-coloured 518) anantaatmaa: The infinite self 10) pootaatmaa: He with an extremely pure essence 245) naaraayanah: He who resides on the waters 977) yajnakrit: One who performs yajna 459) sukhadah: Giver of happiness 962) praanajeevanah: He who maintains the life-breath in all living creatures 163) vedyah: That which is to be known 486) gabhastinemih: The hub of the universal wheel 921) veetabhayah: One with no fear 210) gurutamah: The greatest teacher 678) mahaahavih: The great offering 236) suprasaadah: Fully satisfied 799) sarvavij-jayee: One who is at once omniscient and victorious 218) agraneeh: He who guides us to the peak 510) satyasandhah: Of truthful resolution 644) shauri: One who always has invincible prowess Anantah – The meaning of the lord vishnu name Anantah is ‘Endless’. 490) aadidevah: The first deity 879) hutabhuk: One who enjoys all that is offered in yajna 702) sadbhootih: One who has rich glories Mrityuanjaya: The Lord who has been able to overcome and conquer death. 156) oorjitah: He who has infinite vitality Invaluable; exquisite; someone who is rich and has a lot of wealth. 926) duh-svapna-naashanah: One who destroys all bad dreams 841) mahaan: The mighty 304) adrishyah: Imperceptible 267) vaagmee: He who is eloquent in speech 716) athaaparaajitah: The unvanquished 733) lokabandhur: Friend of the world 915) akroorah: Never cruel Someone who can do anything all by himself. 553) varunah: One who sets on the horizon (Sun) Modern Names of Lord Vishnu for Baby Boy. 544) gahano: Impenetrable Killer of demon Madhu. 640) pradyumnah: Very rich 969) savitaa: The father of all 471) vatsalah: The supremely affectionate 423) dakshah: The smart 492) deveshah: The Lord of all devas 796) vaajasanah: The giver of food 750) lokasvaamee: Lord of the universe 609) shreevibhaavanah: Distributor of Sree 258) vishnuh: Long-striding Indian boy baby names starting with M list, Hindu boy baby names with letter M. 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Jagadish: 357) bheemah: The terrible 890) naikajah: One who is born many times Ma'awiya to Maharam - 868 boy names starting with 'M', to help you with your baby name search. 395) viraamah: The abode of perfect-rest 725) ekah: The one Less Known Names of Lord Krishna Avyukt अव्युक्त. 875) preetivardhanah: One who increases joy in the devotee's heart Mahindra = Surname. 918) dakshinah: The most liberal 182) maheebhartaa: The husband of mother earth 473) ratnagarbhah: The jewel-wombed Lord Vishnu has many names and forms and to make it easy for you we have compiled a list of 30 wonderful and exclusive names inspired by Lord Vishnu for your baby boy. 493) devabhrit-guruh: Advisor of Indra 700) satkritih: One who is full of Good actions 363) viksharah: Imperishable 835) anuh: The subtlest 47) hrisheekeshah: The Lord of the senses 334) aadidevah: The primary source of everything 354) garudadhvajah: One who has Garuda on His flag 846) vamshavardhanah: He who multiplies His family of descendents A Strong King, pure, chaste, holy, sacred, purifying. 476) dharmakrit: One who acts according to dharma 491) mahaadevah: The great deity Having great knowledge; someone who is well-mannered and courteous. 125) vishvaksenah: He against whom no army can stand 439) mahaa-makhah: The great sacrificer 393) shubhekshanah: All-auspicious gaze They hold such importance that a naming ceremony is conducted to give a name to a newborn. 16) kshetrajnah: The knower of the field 345) padmanibhekshanah: Lotus-eyed 441) nakshatree: The Lord of the stars (the moon) 108) sammitah: He who has been accepted by authorities 838) sthoolah: One who is the fattest Lord Venkateshwara is worshipped by several names like Srinivasa, Balaji, Govinda, Venkata Ramana, and more. 968) taarah: One who helps all to cross over 85) sureshah: The Lord of the demigods 539) govindah: One who is known through Vedanta 152) vaamanah: He with a dwarf body 255) siddhisaadhanah: The power behind our sadhana 206) shaastaa: He who rules over the universe 844) svaasyah: One who has an effulgent face 912) shabdasahah: One who allows Himself to be invoked by Vedic declarations 807) kumudah: One who gladdens the earth 880) vibhuh: All-pervading 21) naarasimha-vapuh: He whose form is man-lion 674) mahoragah: The great serpent 158) samgrahah: He who holds everything together 761) nigrahah: The killer In the Indian households, names of Gods and Goddesses have a special place. 536) mahaashringah: Great-horned (Matsya) 704) shoorasenah: One who has heroic and valiant armies 672) mahaakarmaa: One who performs great deeds 711) analah: One of unlimited wealth, power and glory 910) oorjita-shaasanah: One who commands with His hand 232) ahassamvartakah: He who thrills the day and makes it function vigorously … 859) dandah: One who punishes the wicked 691) teerthakaro: The teacher of the tirthas 139) chaturdamstrah: He who has four canines (Nrsimha) 370) mahaabhaago: He who gets the greatest share in every Yajna 883) sooryah: The one source from where everything is born 41) mahaasvanah: He who has a thundering voice 730) yat: Which Check out our list of Hindu baby Boy names starting with m and choose best Hindu name that starts with M for your new born or expected baby Boy. 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