Episode 2 "Kanda Engages in Battle" Kanda and Marie join the team at Edo. Asian Branch As they return to the Asian Branch, Lenalee brings Kanda up to speed with everything that is happening with Allen. Gotycki nastrój D. Gray­‑man zawdzięcza poniekąd mrocznej, stonowanej kolorystyce, opartej głównie na czerni, szarościach i niebieskim, a wszystko to przetykane jest zielonymi rozbłyskami. June 6 [156], The Level 4 turns its arms into gattling guns and successfully lands successive blows on Kanda, who is alarmed when Marie, who is susceptible to the Akuma Virus, is hit. [21], Kanda would later become Froi Tiedoll's pupil, and Tiedoll would give Kanda, who had only been known as "Yu" until that point, the surname "Kanda", which Kanda would come to prefer to be known by. [115], As they descend, the Level 4 pursues them and blows up the elevator, Kanda shielding Komui. Allen x Kanda. As a Second Exorcist in the Sixth Laboratory in the Asian Branch, he was moody and easily annoyed, especially towards fellow Second Exorcist Alma Karma, who often followed him around and tried to befriend him. [63], When Lala suddenly stops singing, Allen goes to her side, and as she collapses, Allen tells Kanda that he wants to be a destroyer who can save.[64]. Franchise: D.Gray-man Character: Kanda Yuu Release Date: 15. Hi well actually I just got into D.Gray-man and well I was wondering if anyone would kindly tell me what is meant by second exorcist?I read on wikipedia that Kanda was one but I'm really confused..Does that mean Kanda is not..a "real accomodator"?They said he was "created"?What is this all suppose to mean?T0T Oh and also the most stupid question ever >.>' does anyone know if the … It is revealed that Kanda, Alma, and the other "Second Exorcists" were, in fact, created by transporting the brains of dead or dying Exorcists into artificial bodies in order to see if the compatible Innocence would be carried over to the substitute body. Allen, however, intervenes with his Crown Clown. [128] Before he can be bitten, Kanda kicks Marie and escapes, and when they are surrounded by more rabid, 'zombified' members of the Order, Lenalee activates her Dark Boots and carries Kanda and Bookman to safety. Kanda is a cold, stoic and arrogant person who shows little regard to the lives of those around him, even his fellow Exorcists. When the Millennium Earl asks Allen to join him, he mentions that if Allen joins, he will eradicate the dark matter within the Third Exorcists and Alma. Road continues to taunt him, while Wisely creates an eye under her. [183] Kanda touches Zuu Mei's hand, which allows him to see the lotuses that he sees. Many key events and revelations aren't hidden by spoiler tags here, including the aliases and true identities of several characters. [68], As he fights, Kanda hears an odd voice (Tyki Mikk) coming from Daisya's conenction to his golem, Kanda and Marie calling out to Daisya and not realizing that they are hearing Daisya's last moments. The series follows the adventures of Allen Walker, an Exorcist who uses the power of a divine weapon called "Innocence", and his comrades in the Black Order as they fight against the Akuma, demons created from human souls by an ancient sorcerer known as … It is revealed after the Akuma explodes that Kanda feels regret for ignoring his first encounter with the 14th Noah (when Allen stabbed himself with Crown Clown) and for bringing the Noah out even further when he went berserk in the American Branch due to the Earl's plan to use him to awaken Nea. [181] He is silent when Lvellie points out that Allen committed treason to protect the two. Travis Willingham (Eps. But that time... when I tried laughing like you... it seemed like it got a little easier. He is a belligerent, condescending tool that treats Allen with no respect for 150+ chapters. TV Animation D.Gray-man Official Visual Collection: Clown Art, D.Gray-man: Requirements of a Instrumentalist, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, https://dgrayman.fandom.com/wiki/Yu_Kanda?oldid=55409. Go to Page Bottom . May 2009 Material: MICROFIBER Brand: Broccoli Type: Towel Dimensions: W=200 mm (7.87 in) L=200 mm (7.8 in) Aw so sweet Just shows anyone can fallen in love :) Reply Delete. Reply. Replies. During his guard duty, Kanda is approached by the Noah Wisely, who asks for Kanda's name and asks if he knows the name "Alma". Kanda brushes Allen off when Allen notices his tattoo,[107] and when Allen steps through a door without looking and nearly falls, the room not having a floor, Allen grabs onto Kanda, first, nearly taking Kanda down into the void with him. Novel 1 Chapter 2 [171] Bak sets Kanda, who has been summoned by Zu Mei Chang, up in a room to await the old man's arrival, Bak awkwardly trying to maintain conversation with Kanda. Kanda has also admitted that - during his years as an Exorcist - he came to not care what happened to the Order or what the Order did to achieve their goals, going so far as to witness Allen's emerging Noah side and not report the incident to Komui Lee. D.Gray-man Hallow (stylised as "D.Gray-man HALLOW") is an anime series adapted from the Katsura Hoshino's manga, D.Gray-man.Produced by TMS Entertainment and 8PAN, and directed by Yoshiharu Ashino, it acts as a sequel to the previous D.Gray-man anime series and follows a young Exorcist named Allen Walker from the Black Order which are in charge of destroying weapons, known as Akuma, … Kanda's personality does not seem to have changed since he was young. [47] When Kanda turns back to Lala and Guzol, he is shocked and angered to see that they slipped away while he had his attention elsewhere, but before he can go after them he and Toma are approached by "Allen". Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. By: LilaUme. Yu Kanda(神田ユウ) [90] Skinn then introduces himself to Kanda, making Kanda introduce himself in return, and when Skinn asks Kanda if he likes sweets, Kanda smirks and replies that he hates them. 9 (Chronologically) (Current) 18 (Physically) 19 (Physically) (Current), 177 cm (5'9½") 181 cm (5'11½") (Current), 59 kg (130 lbs) 63 kg (139 lbs) 64 kg (141 lbs) (Current). When Johnny finally manages to get Kanda in check, the two begin to walk away when the clown as well as one of the children watching the show are attacked by an Akuma, which states that it sensed the 14th nearby. [41] As they review their mission booklets, both Kanda and Allen realize the "Ghost of Mater" they are going after is just a doll,[42] Kanda commenting that the doll had probably been made with the Innocence inside of it. Fanfiction Short Stories D Gray Man Yu Kanda. Japanese See also: Timeline and Story ArcsSet in a fictional 19th century, D.Gray-Man is the story of Allen Walker, who joins an organisation named the Black Order, and becomes an Exorcist. Super! When Kanda asked, "who are you?" Though she tries to insist that she just wants to meditate, Kanda points out that she only runs to him when Malcolm C. Lvellie comes to the Order, and when she begins to fret, Kanda tells her he thinks of her as a strong woman before ordering her to shut up and meditate or leave. Male [50], After they meet up with Lala and Guzol, Lala revealing herself to be the real doll and explaining her past with Guzol, Kanda awakens and tells Allen to take Lala's heart from her. Jeryy became Head Chef. Allen then notices from Alma's expression, and lets Kanda stab him, which makes Kanda pause his attack. While Allen, Kanda, and Marie are fighting Akuma inside Hearst Orphanage, Timothy awakens as a new Innocence Accommodator. [71] When Kanda asks Tiedoll to come back to the Black Order with them, Tiedoll, instead, draws a picture of Daisya's hometown and burns it in remembrance, saying he can't go back as his duty to find new Accommodators is now more important than ever. Lenalee and Marie seem to be the only ones aware of Kanda's decision to help Johnny find Allen, as they both lie to Komui after being questioned on where Kanda went. Kanda Yuu is a main protagonist character and member of the fictional religious organization known as the Black Order, in the anime and manga series D.Gray-man, by Katsura Hoshino. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Just then, the lights go out and the Head Nurse stumbles in, biting Allen and Miranda, the latter of whom bites Marie and makes Marie turn rabid and grab Kanda. [133] They are then attacked by the Generals, and when Komui accidentally orders his Komlin to fire rockets at them, the floor is destroyed and Kanda falls into the cellar with Allen, Lavi and Johnny Gill. Japanese Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more. Age 18: After returning to Headquarters from a mission, Kanda met Allen; Kanda thought he was an Akuma because of the Gatekeeper and drew Mugen on him. Six months later,[13] after his and Alma's relationship had improved, Kanda's hallucinations reached a point where it started to cause him both physical and mental pain. [67] After agreeing to meet up where Marie is, Kanda gives them dawn as the meet-up time limit before jumping out of his hiding place to face the Akuma that have surrounded him. [35] Allen tries to properly introduce himself to Kanda, but Kanda brushes him off coldy, saying he "doesn't shake hands with [cursed people]" before walking away.[36]. Kanda has openly told Allen he hates people "like him"; people who make promises they cannot keep and seem to fight without purpose. [179] Kanda soon arrives at a nearby room and is greeted enthusiastically by Komui, who at first thought it was an "Art of Kanda" General Tiedoll had made. 52+)Justin Briner (Young) [143], Three months after Cross' disappearance and apparent death, in the month of December, Kanda is sent with Allen, Link and Marie on a mission to Paris to investigate the disappearance of several of the Order's Finders. Kanda then battles Allen in order to get to Alma. D.Gray-man (Japanese: ディー・グレイマン Hepburn: Dī Gureiman) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. D.Gray-Man is an Anime based on the Manga series created by Katsura Hoshino. . Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. ... 23 Yu Kanda 18 Lenalee Lee 14 Lavi 9 D.Gray … All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. [11] When Alma mentioned also seeing a woman, Kanda asked him about it, only to quickly realize that he and Alma weren't talking about the same woman. [77] Kanda is then attacked by Tyki while trying to keep the Noah from getting to Lenalee,[78] and just as the Earl goes after Lenalee, himself, Allen arrives. Daisya Barry joined the Order. [118], Seeing Komui hesitate to go to Lenalee's side, Kanda kicks him and demands to know why he ever joined the Order,[119] reminding Komui of his resolve enough to make the man go to his sister. Manga D. Gray-Man is based on a manga by Katsura Hoshino about Allen Walker, who is an Exorcist. Yu Kanda from the anime D.Gray-man. [96], Using more of his life force, Kanda strengthens Mugen and uses it to shield himself against a devastating attack Skinn fires at him,[100] but the force of Skinn's Noah-fueled attack shatters Mugen,[101] Skinn's attack causing a spiky formation of sand to grow up from beneath Kanda and impale him. As he approaches Zuu Mei, who is dying in his bed, he is informed by Bak that the rust covered object he is holding is Mugen. [16], A ways down the canal but still in the Asian Branch, Kanda crawled out of the water near Noise Marie and Bak Chang,[17] asking for their help but not letting Bak go for medical assistance. Recognizing Skinn as the Noah that has been hunting his General, Kanda elects to stay behind and fight him. This world is dark. [184] Kanda simply smiles and tells Zuu Mei that he's going to hell, too. The series is about a group of exorcists called the Black Order, who use an array of mystical weapons powered by "Innocence" to defend the world against the Noah family. Black Order (Asian Branch) (Former) Black Order (European Branch) All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. and Allen has a dark past. TT_TT (LINK TO NEW CHAPTER BELOW!) To Kanda and Allen's exasperation, they are then assigned to a mission together in Mater, Italy. However his memories awoke Alma's hatred and subsequently Alma himself. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts [182], Zuu Mei questions why Kanda returned, stating that he was free. D. Gray-Man Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Kanda and Marie join the team at Edo and Kanda takes on Tyki's tricks to save Lenalee from his clutches. - Wallpaper Abyss . Just as Skinn begins to laugh over his victory, Kanda commands Mugen to "drink up", the pieces of the broken sword connecting to the hilt still in Kanda's hand[102] and reforming long enough for Kanda to cut Skinn in half. After Alma states they can die together, Kanda finds his resolve and decides he does not want to die, even if it means killing Alma. ... Lavi, Kanda, Krory etc.) Moji - Shin: OH MY GOD D.GRAY-MAN IS BACK UP! I need someone to hold me while I cry . Alive Po zniknięciu Mariana Crossa zostaje jednym z generałów. The Order's purpose is to put a stop to The Earl of Millennium's plans to destroy humanity with his army of Akuma.Allen, along with his fellow Exorcists, is able to fight against Akuma using an ancient substance named Innocence, which is the only thing able to destroy them. [65] Kanda stabs the Akuma in the face, telling it to shut up as it explodes, then goes to join Marie and Daisya, who joke about their General probably being off drawing something without a care in the world. i love it!!!!! Age Due to his appearance, he has gotten a few names by other people: Kanda is testy about others touching his hair, getting mad at Lavi when he attempted to braid it. Looking for information on the anime D.Gray-man? TV Show: D.Gray-man Franchise: D.Gray-man When Mugen became a crystal type, he gained two stigmata on the underside of his forearms where his blood exited his body to form Mugen's new blade. While on a mission, Wisely, the 5th Noah, appears in front of him atop a pile of dead bodies. Kanda Yuu - D.Gray-man - Mobile Wallpaper #1958165 - Zerochan Anime Image Board View and download this 600x849 Kanda Yuu Mobile Wallpaper with 54 favorites, or browse the gallery. He is a Second Exorcist, an Exorcist raised in a test tube and artificially modified to bear the Innocence of the previous Exorcist his brain formerly belonged to. "That person" appears and says, "I will wait for you...I'll wait forever..." Kanda smirks, and Alma asks him what he is thinking of. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Artificial Human Nationality [104], Later, when Allen has taken control of the Ark and uses the piano in the control room to bring it back, Kanda is seen reforming and waking up, confused. He fights Akuma aka demons, which are created by the Millennium Earl who makes humans into demons after buying their souls from a loved one. [20] Without answering his questions, Saarinzu activated a spell that sent a massive electrical surge through Kanda's body that shorted out his ability to regenerate shortly after, killing him. Title: Alpha Syndrome Pairing: Allen x Kanda Rating: R-18 Language: Japanese Download Mirrors: Mega | Box Title: Aru ha Zettaiteki na Kousoku Pairing: Allen x Kanda Rating: R-15 Language: Japanese Download Mirrors: Mega | Box Title: Choke Chain Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. He is a Second Exorcist, an Exorcist raised in a test tube and artificially modified to bear the Innocence of the previous Exorcist his brain formerly belonged to. :) Reply Delete. Moji - Shin: Shut up Kanda, we just got given a plot point that will throw the whole fandom into chaos! When Komui admits that he has no antivirus and has no idea how to locate the source of the infection to derive one, Kanda tries to kill Komui, only to be stopped and then joined, by Reever. Yu Kanda (神田ユウ, Kanda Yū) is a Second Exorcist and a member of the European Branch of the Black Order, and a former member of the Asian Branch. When Allen tells them to stay away realizing what he did to Johnny and Kanda asks if he's gonna run away again but Allen says he's gonna fight in his own way. [142] Link reprimands them, only to be brushed off by Kanda, who tells Link that he talks too much. [57] When Allen's new invocation falls short, Allen having pushed himself too far, Kanda steps in and saves Allen,[58] calling Allen pathetic and saying he hates people who can't keep their promises more than he hates Allen's tender-hearted ways. [134], When Arystar Krory, who might or might not be infected, knocks on the door to the cellar, asking to be let in, Kanda is one of the ones to offer up the Komlin to answer the door, in case it is an ambush,[135] and when the Komlin answers the door and gets his head kicked off, Krory bursts into the room and attacks Kanda and Lavi, slamming their heads together and knocking them out. It first began it's airing in October 3, 2006 in Japan on TV Tokyo and finished it's run in September 30, 2008. Because of their conflicting views about the worth of the lives of others, Kanda and Allen are almost constantly at one another's throats; Kanda ready to blame Allen for anything that goes wrong and Allen often breaking his polite exterior to let his "dark side" out as he incites an argument with Kanda, which frequently leads to physical confrontation. [43] Kanda then heads after the doll as Allen heads to fight the Pierrot, Kanda using Mugen to clear the Level 1 Akuma out of the area before extracting the password to the talismans from a dying Finder. To make his mechanical weapons known as "Akuma," he uses the souls of the dead … Upon arriving at the police headquarters, Kanda runs into the daughter of the Chief of Police, Emilia Galmar, who instantly becomes smitten with Kanda, earning him the ire of her father (though Kanda doesn't notice the affections and couldn't care less). D.Gray-Man • manga • pliki użytkownika gaara156 przechowywane w serwisie Chomikuj.pl • D Gray Man 198.zip, D Gray Man 197.zip [14] When the higher-up members heard of Kanda's hallucinations, the decision was made to euthanize Kanda for their organization's safety. Later that night, after recovering, Kanda made his way to the Second Exorcist birthing room, where he saw the woman again,[10] and while trying to reach for her he fell into one of the birthing holes and was quickly fished out by Alma. However, Allen intervenes again, while Kanda collapses. Definition of Querencia: (n.) a place where which one's strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self. Status Replies. 1:112, 152, 172] The character of Yu Kanda, based on a samurai, was created to vary D.Gray-man ' s Western setting. After telling Allen that sacrifices must be made to save others, Kanda takes his Mugen and approaches Lala to take her heart,[55] only for Allen to intercede and insist on being Lala's sacrifice, assuring Kanda that he will take Lala's heart from her after she and Guzol die on their own terms. When prompted for money, Johnny realizes that his wallet is missing. [149] Another "G" appears on the roof, this one bearing the crown, and by the time Kanda arrives on the roof to help Allen, "G" has moved on to possess Link. [144] When Inspector Galmar takes them to the holding cells to show them the countless people all dressed in strange jumpsuits and masks, Kanda is as visibly horrified as Allen, and when they find the missing Finders and Jiji, Kanda kicks their Plexiglass cell hard enough to dent it, demanding an explanation from them. At first, Allen also fights back, but is hit from the behind by an attack from Alma. When Timothy properly invokes his Innocence and possesses an Akuma, Kanda is first confused to see the other Akuma that accompanied the Level 4 fighting one another, then shocked when Allen explains, after making out Timcanpy's charades, that Timothy has possessed one of the Akuma. kanda is my fave!!! Yu Kanda [94] The room around them begins to collapse, making Skinn and Kanda intensify their attempts to win, and just when it seems Skinn has seriously hurt Kanda, Kanda's tattoo begins to change, Skinn getting close enough for Kanda to use Mugen to try to cleave him in half[95] and Skinn trying to blow Kanda's head off. Yu Kanda is prepared for battle, featured unsheathing his sword for this incredible 1/8 scale figure at a height of 10.6” from Aniplex! Directed by Nana Harada. Press J to jump to the feed. [154], Just then, the world outside of the building goes dark, Kanda looking out the window and seeing that the town has disappeared, and when a Level 4 Akuma attacks, Kanda and Allen defend the children. Kanda never shows his feelings, but he is ready to defend Allen from everyone! [54] When Allen tells him he can't, Kanda throws Allen's jacket, which Allen had rolled up so Kanda could rest his head, back at him, telling him that the uniform is the mark of an Exorcist, not a pillow for the wounded. [39] After they board a train (illegally) with Finder Toma to head out to their mission,[40] Allen asks Kanda a few questions about their job, which Kanda grudgingly answers.
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