The Hero Passion XPro is the perfect mix of all the things that make a “dream bike” - it has a sporty look, comes fitted with state-of-the-art i3s technology, and delivers superior on-road performance. not milage. Yes, the Passion XPro is offered with tank flap. For avg passion pro 110 best ,but in performance super splendar is best. Clean and l**e your chain every 500km. If there is no problem with your engine. 7274 Answers. Hero's highly successful Passion range gets a new, powerful 110cc engine in the XPro. Passion Xpro Pictures Hero Passion Xpro Images Andof Hero Passion XPro. - PurePNG is a free to use PNG gallery where you can download high quality transparent CC0 PNG images … - PurePNG is a free to use PNG gallery where you can download high quality transparent CC0 PNG images without any background. 2008 brought Hero Passion Pro in the Indian market. The 2018 Hero Passion XPro competes against the likes of TVS Victor, Honda Liva, Bajaj Discover 110, Honda CD Dream, etc. Hero Motocorp Passion Xpro latest wallpapers, Hero Motocorp Passion Xpro india, images, interior, pictures, pics, 360 view, available colors We guarantee that this 110cc motorcycle is the bike you’ve been looking for your whole life. 1 Answer Sir, i bought a brand. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest service center and selecting your city accordingly -. The new motor was first introduced on the Splendor iSmart. The 110 cc Passion XPro comes in two variants: one with drum brake setup and the other with front disc brake. Also Hero Passion XPro is available in 10 colours. For the confirmation, we would suggest you to exchange your words with the nearest service center as they would be the better people to assist you with the exact details. And boor, Interact with car / bike owners & experts. This high quality free PNG image without any background is about motorcycle, motorbike, bike, vehicle and hero. Top Hero Experts Vernon Taylor . About Hero Passion Xpro. 54,207 and the most priced variant is Hero Passion Xpro i3s Disc Alloy priced at Rs. ,Now depends on you, which design do you like most(as my personal opinions xpro look better then passion pro 110),And passion pro has old school look, there xpro have new fresh look, Passion pro 110 comes with new graphics style, comfort so, it's better than xpro because xpro mileage is only 50 to 53 or something, How many cost passion xpro crank. Posted on 03 January 2018, 14:49, by Prashant Singh | 2813 views Hero Passion Xpro Motorcycle Bike PNG Image is a free PNG picture with transparent background. Images of Hero Passion Xpro will give you the necessary details of Hero Passion Xpro bike. The world witnessed the launch of Hero Passion Pro in February 2020 which is a remarkable improvement from its predecessor - the Hero Passion XPRO. The model went updation in 2013 and 2014 as well. Riding Experience *My First Gear* So happily Started funny butterfly inside me, after second day i found vibration in foot rest 2nd thing every time you put the first gear in morning it produces a lot of sound, i asked to rectify this in my first service but they have not done anything ( Service Given in Palani Motors -Kolathur) and I asked the mechanic about this problem he said this problem is coming in all new model bikes. after about six months of moderate but well-maintained use, the mileage came down to 50-55kpl. Performance - Mileage guess ( 65-70km Rs100) Pickup not impressive, Running speed ok, after continues ride of just 12 to 13 km engine heat produce very hot you cant keep legs in right side foot rest, i don't know what to do.Simply saying Please don't buy this Bike Hero Passion Xpro disc. I suggest you better buy a 150/160cc bike as it gives same mileage and much better performance. Passion XPro has 7 pictures and 360 views. Check out 15 photos of Hero Passion XPro on autoX. Brad Brown. First, the engine should be in good condition. Image Gallery - Hero Passion XPro Snapshot : Take a look at the new Hero Passion Xpro in this comprehensive image gallery. 1300 while the Ralco at Rs. In cities, it'll give around 60kmpl and in highways above 70kmpl. This high quality free PNG image without any background is about motorcycle, motorbike, bike, vehicle and hero. Level 3 Expert . New Hero Passion XPro has 19 images and 360-degree views. Also Hero Passion XPro is available in 10 colours. No complements from me .using from 9 months. The new Passion Xpro now produces 9.3 bhp of max power at 7500 rpm and 9 Nm of peak torque at 5500 rpm. It has been created for urban and rural markets of stylish commuter motorcycle. You will receive all the communications on : rvmp_similar_cars_slider,rvmp_qna,rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner,rvmp_model_wise_user_review,rvmp_n_gpopup. The Passion XPro, on the other hand, is a more youthful looking bike when compared to the Passion Pro. The all-new 2018 Hero Passion XPro gets powered by a 109 cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. After using this bike for 6 months, i feel not so happy about the performance and service. As pictures says thousands words, Hero Passion Xpro pics here is equivalent to reading multiple reviews. Take a look at the front & rear view, side & top view & up to date photo gallery of Passion XPro. We take three of the best examples of these 'evolutionary' 100cc commuters, the Bajaj Discover 100T, the Hero Passion X-Pro and the Honda Dream Yuga and see what's what, Thank you! Always give a smooth acceleration which keeps engine like butter smooth. It's cheaper than Xpro, mileage is more than Xpro, pickup is more than Xpro& maintainane less than Xpro. Hero-Passion Xpro Bikes Price in India – Get Hero-Passion Xpro on-road price in India and explore other details like offers, mileage, specifications, reviews, colors and image on Hindustan Times Auto News. View image gallery of Hero Passion XPro. The 2018 Hero Passion XPro is based on the new Passion Pro but gets sharper and sportier styling, including a LED tail-light. The product seems to have got revolutionised. In the highway maintain a speed of 45 to 55kmpl where 50 is average it'll give above 70kmpl.Change your engine oil every 2000km and check your spark plug every 2000km clean it, if the inner is black change it. hero has already stopped its manufacturing and its spare parts are not available too. Passion Xpro Tyres Price Hero Passion XPro Price ranges from Rs. Read Hero Passion xPro review and check the mileage, shades, interior images, specs, key features, pros and cons. Buying Experience: Particularly only middle class people will buy this bike, I bought this bike from a famous showroom in Chennai ( Adyar Motors), First of all they give false commitment, Even before buy service was not good. Your question has been submitted. With the XPro, Hero has brought style and more features to the commuter segment. 12 Passion xPro images, pictures and wallpapers. Yes, of course, you can. Hero Passion XPro Images - Check out Hero Passion XPro HD images including side view, bike seats, wheels & more. Upload an image from your computer ... What is choke position of hero passion X Pro bike. The company was originally called Hero Honda Motors from a period of 1984 to 2010, that is 26 years. Just go for it blindly. 49,800 in Delhi (ex-showroom). अच्छी है पर जो स्टाइल पर डिजाइन इंटरनेट पर शो हो रही है वह रियल में गाड़ी के साथ नहीं मिल रही है जैसे पीछे वाले टायर का कवर यह बाइक का सबसे अच्छा स्टाइल है पर गाड़ी के साथ नहीं दिया जा रहा है इसी लिए उचित नहीं है गाड़ी. It’s likely to garner a price hike of Rs 7,000 - Rs 8,000 over the BS4 model which retails at Rs 60,900 (disc). Hero Passion XPro Dimensions. Also Hero Passion XPro is available in 10 colours. Take a look at the front & rear view, side & top view & up to date photo gallery of Passion XPro. Passion XPro has been launched in 2 variants. engine complaint olso. mileage so f*****g low it's gives only 42 km on 1 liter. Hero Passion xPro Drum Kick Spoke Variant, Price - ₹ 49,800 in India. So what is special about the all-new Hero Passion Pro? Always wear a Helmet and have a great Ride. The least priced variant is Hero Motocorp Passion Xpro Drum Kick Spoke priced at Rs. 2018 Hero Passion XPro Rivals. Level 3 Expert . The bike comes loaded with features which are rare in this segment like maintenance-free battery, tubeless tyres, digital instrumentation, etc. It comes equipped with tubeless tyres wrapped in 18-inch spoked wheels. Hero Passion Xpro Price List Victor puri paisa vasool bike hai apka victor pr lgaya hua paisa waste nhi jayega. Hero claims that the new motor is 12 per cent more efficient in terms of power output. Take a look at the front & rear view, side & top view & up to date photo gallery of Passion XPro. The headlight profile is sportier than the Passion Pro and comes with pilot lamps. For every 50kms rest for 10 minutes which is good for you as well as to the engine. Delivery Exp > They Make my bike ready with polish installed guards helmet lock ( but not working) Even they not filled the air in tier and didn't even informed me. Initially, i thought it's the handle that is bent. The 2018 Passion XPro is something to take note of, because unlike before, it doesn't have an engine sourced from Honda. Hero Passion XPro Highlights. About xpro it was not up to the mark as per my opinion, Initially i have got lot of issues on self star it was very bad experience i have been gone through.Xpro is good only for local use it was not meant for long drive, I mean it does not have pickup.Thank you. 2011 Hero Honda Passion Pro. Grab the latest in Passion xPro image gallery with tons of beautiful images and picture to share with your friends and desktop use.Showing The Hero Passion XPro is the prodigal son of the Hero Passion Pro and sure does have a lot more to offer than its predecessor. Hero Motocorp Passion Xpro wears tyres of 90/90 R18 size. The new 2018 Passion duo receive revised styling, and a … The price of top-end model Hero Passion XPro i3s Disc Alloy is INR 61,400. Also view Passion XPro interior Images, specs, features, expert reviews, … right from day one, this motorcycle gave an average of about 60kpl. The Hero Passion Pro BS6 has been spied for the first time and is likely to be launched soon. Other than that the mileage has dropped to 50kmpl. The most affordable tyre available for the Passion Xpro is the MRF, which is priced at Rs. Read Hero Passion xPro Drum Kick Spoke review and check the mileage, shades, interior images, specs, key features, pros and cons. 2011 Hero Honda Passion Pro. Passion XPro has 7 pictures and 360 views. And servicing give it to a good service centre. 2. Hero Passion made its debut in 2001 and was renamed Passion Plus in 2003 with tweaks in graphics. 3. Maintain a speed of 50kms to 55kms where the engine will give better performance and 65kmpl above mileage. Image has been viewed 9567 times. 73,678.. From cliparts to people over logos and effects with more than 30000 transparent free … after running between 5000 - 6000 its mileage fall down 35 km /l I went to service center they do all the things but result was same , again and again I gave to service center to Fort point Virar/ Vasai but result is the same its milage is 35 only, and this is not suitable for long journey also it is very light vehicle its vibrate once your speed cross 60km/h over all this is the worst choice to choose this vehicle, The small capacity commuter motorcycle formula has pretty much remained unchanged since the last three decades, but off late the bikes that occupy this space have started evolving. My longest is 265 up and 265 downHope you can go but strains back pain .....and even certainly milage drops to 60. New Model Hero Passion Pro BS6 Bike Mileage and Images. 2500 is the most expensive. Visit service station. Maintain a speed of 40 to 50 in the city it'll give around 55kmpl. Hero reserves the right to make any changes without notice concerning colours of Passion … Hero Passion xPro Price - ₹ 49,800 - ₹ 59,900 in India. Hero Passion X Pro is an 110cc bike which has the same engine of the Honda Twister. Low maintenance. Don't go to hero showroom because they won't service properly.Other than that bike is great and cruises at 50kmph like butter. Hero MotoCorp Limited, more popularly known as Hero Motorcycles, is the homegrown two-wheeler manufacturer that produces motorbikes and scooters and scooters. By knowing the Hero Passion XPro dimension, you can be clear about the minimum space, which you require to park the bike in your garage. Hero Passion Xpro Color Images - Black With Forest Blue * Colours of Hero Passion Xpro indicated here are subjected to changes and it may vary from actual Passion Xpro colors. Victor is much better than passion xpro Let me define It has more brighter headlight of 60w whereas xpro has 35w, victor has led drl and headlight on off switch,whereas xpro doesn,t have this feature hence xpro has more load on battery because its halogen light glows till engine started hence life of passion xpro battery is less than victor, victor has digital speedometer whereas xpro has analog speedometer, victor has tachometer whereas xpro doesn,t has this feature,victor has roto petal disc break whereas xpro has normal disc break,victor has series spring suspension,whereas xpro has normal suspension,victor has more wider tyre than xpro hence more victor has more traction control on road than xpro,victor has a red switch by pressing it all four indicators start glowing which acts like a safety feature in rainy,foggy,dusty road conditions whereas xpro doesn,t has this feature, victor has matte colour sceme whereas xpro doesn,t has this feature, victor is also cheaper than xpro. And my suggestion to maintain speed 40 to 50.. Passion xPro, 550x1000. Passion XPro has 7 pictures and 360 views. Etc. Mileage is not good when i fule up and it will finish in 5 km what i want too do for mileage please give reply us because showrooms they don't responding. Hero Passion PRO [2014 - 2015] • Price, Variants & Specifications. There are 49 different tyre models available for Passion Xpro from renowned brands like MRF, Michelin, Apollo and more. The 110cc, 9.3bhp/9Nm engine is an all-new Hero unit that debuted on the Splendor 110. 1. Download Hero Passion Xpro transparent PNG Image for free. Download this free PNG photo for you design work. Hero Passion Pro (starting price in Chennai- INR 56,775) and Honda Passion Pro 110 (starting price in Chennai- INR 57,600) are the top competitors of Hero Passion XPro. Find high-quality images of Hero Passion XPro. By Priyadarshan Bawikar Photography: Kunal Khadse, Bajaj Discover 100T vs Honda Dream Yuga vs Hero Passion X-Pro - Comparison, For that, we'd suggest you to please visit the nearest authorized service center of Hero Moto Corp as they would be able to assist you with the exact price and availability of the electric start. This bike also was launched yesterday and here are the … not a good motorcycle to bank on. I'm getting around 65 to 70. Apart from the 2018 Super Splendor, Hero MotoCorp also unveiled the new Passion Pro and Passion XPro for the Indian market. But the problem continued to exist. The 2018 Hero Passion XPro has in its heart a 109cc single cylinder, air-cooled engine which would fit right into the commuter bikes currently doing the rounds. Victor But its rear tyre is thinner than passion xpro, User of passion pro from past 7 years... Would like to suggest in terms of Maintenance. Dec 6, 2018 - Download Hero Passion Xpro transparent PNG Image for free. The company claims it offer 12 per cent more power and torque compared to the previous Passion … This vehicle is very bad not perfect. The name of the file - Hero-Passion-X-Pro-Vibrant-Blue.jpg After many visits to service station they replaced the handle bar. I received a bike that had bent fork. engine problem always occurred, mileage also not enough, worst bike from hero. Follow the link and select your city accordingly for, Hero Motocorp Passion XPro has an engine oil capacity of around 1 Liter. Off course TVS VICTOR. Hero Passion Xpro Price & Offers in Delhi. Hi am greatly confused with the on/off position of choke in Hero Passion XPro (2014 model). The Hero Passion XPro Dimensions 1966 mm in length, 774 mm in width and 1087 mm in height with a wheelbase of 1245 mm.
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